Commonwealth backs Prince Charles as next head

London: After the two day summit in London, the Commonwealth leaders decided Prince Charles to be the next head of the Commonwealth.

It followed in the wake of the Queen expressing her strong wish that her son, the Prince of Wales be her successor to the role that she took over from her father in 1952.

The issue was discussed by leaders of the 53-nation community at Windsor where they participated in a “retreat” on the second day of the summit that followed Thursday’s intensive day of executive sessions and bilateral discussions as leaders sought to give new impetus the community. Questions about the 91-year-old Queen’s successor have arisen for some time now with some suggesting that reaching beyond Britain could give the organization a new life and a signal that it had moved beyond the colonial associations it had started with.

The potential for the Commonwealth as a bastion against protectionism and the abuse of the “international rules based system,” climate change and the importance of the community in sustainable development particular pertaining to small island states formed some of the key-pegs of the wide-ranging discussions in London.

India also sought to take a stronger role than it had in the past: it was the first time an Indian Prime Minister had attended CHOGM since 2009. Among the issues stressed by India during discussions was the focus the body could give to sustainable development of small island states that make up around 60% of the Commonwealth.




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