DU cancels Ankiv Baisoya admission day before he stepped down from DUSU president

NEW DELHI: Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) president Ankiv Baisoya, admission was cancelled by the university’s Department of Buddhist Studies on November 14, after it was found he furnished a fake degree, police said Friday.

The decision was taken on Wednesday after Thiruvalluvar University (TU) sent a written note to DU confirming that Baisoya’s marksheet pertaining to his graduation was fake, sources said. Sources from the registrar office said Professor K T S Sarao, the head of the Department of Buddhist Studies, has written to the registrar office after they received confirmation from the Thiruvalluvar University that Baisoya was never a student of the varsity.

With reference to the above, it is informed that the copy of the certificate of the following candidate has been verified and found that the said certificate is not genuine. It is a fake certificate.” Under DU norms, Baisoya was automatically removed from the post of DUSU president as soon as his admission was cancelled by the department on November 14.

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