'Hope I'm in Munna Bhai 3', says Sanjay Dutt

NEW DELHI:You must have witnessed Ranbir Kapoor’s crazy journey of stepping into Sanjay Dutt’s shoes for Sanju, and now, it’s time to glance through how Ranbir transformed into the character of Munna Bhai for the biopic.

The makers of Sanju released a behind-the-scenes video, in which they team has meticulously documented the effort that went into the making of Munna Bhai version 2.0, AKA Ranbir Kapoor. Apart from the amazing make-up sequences and on-set shots, there’s something else that makes the video interesting – its Sanjay Dutt’s reaction to Ranbir playing Munna Bhai. In the video, director Rajkumar Hirani revealed: “When Ranbir became Munna Bhai for this film, I in my excitement showed it to Sanju and Sanju’s immediate response was: ‘I hope I’m doing Munna Bhai 3’.” Those who have watched Sanju will agree that Sanjay Dutt’s doubts are cent per cent valid.

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