Mike Hesson steps down as head coach of New Zealand

New Zealand:Mike Hesson the 43-year-old head coach of New Zealand, has announced he will step down.

A New Zealand Cricket media release stated that he wanted “a break from the rigours of international cricket, and to spend more time with his wife and children.”Hesson made the announcement at a press conference on Thursday afternoon in Auckland.

“There’s so many other leaders in the playing group and in the support staff,” captain Kane Williamson said. “I think we can’t underestimate that. Hess was a big part of the environment but a lot of that was including others, giving others responsibility, and they’ve taken that responsibility on for a number of years and offered so much to that environment.

“Him and Brendon [McCullum] were huge in that, and that’s certainly been a strength of Hess’ and we want to continue that moving forward. There are number of parts where that was shown. Certainly the backing of players for long periods, where guys could actually come into the environment and not feel like one day they’re here and the next day they’re there. [They said] actually, no, there’s an investment from everyone here and you’re good enough and you’re backed and cricket has good days and bad days and it doesn’t matter who you are.”

Hesson is set to leave in July, one year ahead of when his contract would have expired. NZC chief executive David White said he attempted to persuade him to stay on and guide the team through the World Cup in May 2019 but understood the decision.

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