Rahul Gandhi: “My mother is more Indian than many Indians”

Delhi: AICC chief Rahul Gandhi said his mother was “more Indian than many Indians”. The statement came in support of former Congress president Sonia Gandhi, being attacked on her foreign origin.

Winding up his high decibel poll campaign in Karnataka on Thursday, Rahul, accompanied by all top Congress leaders, interacted with the media and responded to issues on rising incidents of crime against women, his visits to temples and personal attacks on Siddaramaiah and him by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the election campaign.

To a query on Modi’s challenge asking him to “speak in his mother tongue”, Rahul said: “Yes, my mother is Italian, but she has lived a large part of her life in India. She is more Indian than many Indians I see.”

Stating that it shows the caliber of the PM when he makes such comments, he maintained, “My mother has sacrificed for this country, she has suffered for it. I’m happy to let him do so. If he enjoys himself, if he likes it.”

On Modi’s allegation that the Congress, fearing defeat, may rig elections, Rahul said, “A man speaks what’s in his heart”, suggesting that the PM already accepted defeat. “He is absolutely convinced now, and he is right, that he is going to lose Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and also in 2019.”

On repeated attacks on him by the PM, Rahul narrated a story of Buddha. He said many years ago, when Buddha was sitting with his disciple, a person came and started abusing him. After the person left, the disciple asked Buddha why he did not respond to the abuse. Buddha replied that the man had brought him the gift of anger, which he did not want.

“Modi has anger inside him. He has anger for everybody, not only for me. I’m a lightning rod of that anger, I attract that anger. He sees a threat in me,” he added.

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