Students approach High Court over Law Entrance Exam

Delhi: After the declaration of results of entrance exam to Delhi University’s law course on 11th July, seems like many aspirants aren’t happy with the results claiming to receive lesser marks than expected. Further students appealed for their answer sheets which not everyone managed to get the one, rather only five students were able to have a look on their sheets.

The students have also claimed that contract of examination conduct was equipped to blacklisted firm by corrupt officials and the company won the tender bid through corruption to which the university officials denied and reverted back by stating that the tendering process was done as per the legal norms.

Various irregularities have been alleged by the students in the entrance exam which held on 18th of June in a writ petition filed in the Delhi high court.Students take into account the scenario where authentication of candidates was supposed to be biometric and through digital photographs before they could be seated for the examination whereas the procedures were found to be conducted after the examination, as claimed by the petitioner.

Such cases of recklessness have created an uproar amidst students especially the procrastination of the response sheets for which students have paid Rs 500 fee. “Of the 22 candidates who applied for them, only five responses sheets were provided. But these sheets were faulty as a couple of answers were wrong. The University then provided Optical Character Recognition documents which have details of all the answers they selected in the exam. But this is also came after a delay and had similar faults,” the petitioner was quoted as saying.

The students have further demanded to probe the software which was used for examination and re-conduct the examination after amending all the malpractices thereby canceling the previous results. However the examination department did not react to any such proposal but only said that the matter was sub judice.

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